December 29, 2021

Looking Back – A Year Of Crowdfunding Nerds Podcasting

Episode: 54

The nerds look back at a year of podcasting while highlighting their favorite moments!

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00:00:49 – Favorite Moments
00:16:54 – Favorite Podcast Episode
00:23:44 – The Facebook Group Is Growing
00:27:07 – Favorite Campaign We Promoted
00:31:34 – Favorite Moment In Deliverance Campaign
00:37:45 – Last Year’s Best Learning Experience
00:44:49 – Biggest Surprises Of Last Year


Episode 0 –

Rick’s Troll Eating –

Are Your Manufacturing Numbers Right For Kickstarter? –

Gamefound’s Vision of Crowdfunding (VAT) –

The Virtuous Cycle Of Kickstarter Marketing –

Organically Engage A Facebook Community With Your Board Game –

Interviewing Ant Lab Games: What To Look For In Content Creators Who Review Board Games –

Marketing With Gabe Barrett Of The Board Game Design Lab –

Gamefound: Behind The Scenes With CEO Marcin Świerkot –

How To Run A Successful Tabletop Business With Chris Birch Of Modiphius Entertainment –

Distilled –

A Christmas Carol Adventure Book –

A Christmas Carol RPG Kickstarter Case Study –

Skyrim On Gamefound –

What We Learned From A Facebook Ads Master And How It Relates To Kickstarter –

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