July 14, 2021

Interviewing Ant Lab Games: What To Look For In Content Creators Who Review Board Games

Episode: 31

Anthony and Frances of Ant Lab Games join the Crowdfunding Nerds to give you an inside look into the process of Kickstarter board game review videos.

ant lab games interview

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00:03:36 – What Is Ant Lab Games?
00:10:18 – What Makes People Watch Review Videos Longer?
00:18:41 – Ant Lab Games Production Process
00:21:05 – What Not To Do When Reaching Out To Review Content Creators
00:23:44 – How Long Does It Take To Make A Review Video?
00:27:45 – The Value Of An Engaged Content Creator Community
00:31:43 – Does Ant Lab Refuse To Review Some Games?
00:38:34 – How Publishers Quantify Value From Board Game Review Videos

Ant Lab Games – http://antlabgames.com/

Liege of Games – https://www.youtube.com/c/Li%C3%A8geofGames/featured

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