May 18, 2021

What We Learned From A Facebook Ads Master And How It Relates To Kickstarter

Episode: 23

Andrew & Sexy Irish Sean get schooled by a Facebook Ads Master and share what they learned and how it relates to Kickstarter Board Games.

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00:06:54 – The Most Important Lessons In All Of Marketing
00:11:00 – Define The Goals & Benchmarks  Of Your Facebook Ads Campaign
00:12:48 – Benchmarks You Need To Know For Facebook Ads
00:18:16 – Define Your Audience With A Customer Avatar
00:22:30 – Use Dynamic Ads At The Beginning Of Your Ads Campaign
00:28:50 – Ask Yourself This Question When Building Ads
00:30:36 – Compare Audiences of Similar Sizes
00:36:44 – The Most Important Element of Your Ads
00:41:37 – Use Video Ads
00:45:02 – You Need A Lab

Show Notes
SEO That Works By Brian Dean –

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