January 4, 2022

4 Absolutely Essential Things You Need To Know About Sending Board Game Emails

Episode: 55

The Crowdfunding Nerds start the new year off by chopping email marketing! Everything you need to know when crafting your board game emails!

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00:02:03 – The Importance of Solid Email Marketing
00:03:41 – Changes To MailChimp
00:09:12 – MailChimp’s Pricing
00:11:04 – When Do You Abandon Your Email List? 
00:16:22 – 4 Absolute Essential Things Your Emails Need
00:17:06 – The Email’s Theme
00:20:57 – How To Do The Call To Action
00:23:21 – Tips On Crafting A Thematic Introduction To Your Email
00:25:53 – You Need Meaningful Content In Your Emails
00:28:14 – The Optimal Length Of Your Emails
00:36:37 – The Nature of Email Updates
00:39:55 – Email Subject Lines & Preview Text
00:48:38 – Be Careful What You Send Out


MailerLite Pricing – https://www.mailerlite.com/pricing
MailChimp Pricing – https://mailchimp.com/pricing/marketing/

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