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Best Pledge Manager For Board Games

February 19, 2024

Episode: 166

Are you ready to level up your crowdfunding game? Welcome back, Nerd Nation, to episode 166 of Crowdfunding Nerds!

Energy & Nutrition For Crowdfunding Success With Julie Litchfield

February 12, 2024

Episode: 165

Are you ready to supercharge your energy levels and make better decisions in your crowdfunding ventures?

How To Spot Fake Kickstarter Gurus

February 5, 2024

Episode: 164

Are you tired of sifting through a sea of so-called Kickstarter gurus and marketing gimmicks? Want to know how to spot the real deal?

Perceived Value Vs Real Value

January 29, 2024

Episode: 163

Hey there, fellow crowdfunding aficionados! Are you ready to unlock the secret sauce to turning those clicks into cash?

Selling Well: Ethics, Integrity, & Sleazy Salespeople

January 22, 2024

Episode: 162

Ever wondered about the difference between marketing and advertising? Or how to avoid being “that” sleazy salesperson?


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Episode: 166

Best Pledge Manager For Board Games

Episode: 165

Energy & Nutrition For Crowdfunding Success With Julie Litchfield

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