March 16, 2021

The Virtuous Cycle Of Kickstarter Marketing

Episode: 14

The Crowdfunding Nerds cover the most important element of Kickstarter marketing: the Virtuous Cycle, and automation.

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Episode 14
00:03:04 – The Virtuous Cycle
00:07:42 – What Is Automation?
00:08:58 – Benefits Of Automation
00:09:47 – Kinds Of Automation  
00:13:25 – Disadvantages Of Automation
00:14:40 – The Importance Of Audits
00:16:35 – Why You Hire Marketing People
00:19:25 – KPI Of The Virtuous Cycle
00:24:30 – Components Of The Virtuous Cycle
00:37:40 – Getting People To Your Landing Page

Show Notes

Skyrim Is Coming To Gamefound –

Modiphius Entertainment –

Creating A Facebook Group For Your Kickstarter Board Game: Step-By-Step Guide –

Create an Automated Welcome Email On Mailchimp –

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