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We Love Tabletop Game Kickstarter Projects

Our specialty in board game and RPG tabletop Kickstarter campaigns is a result of more than a decade of digital marketing experience and a passion for hobby board game design. We have funded over a half million dollars for indie Kickstarter publishers since 2019, and every single project we have taken on has over-funded.

Check out what one of our tabletop game Kickstarter clients has to say about their experience:

Campaigns that fund quickly are what we strive to achieve, because funding quickly brings more attention to your project and gives potential for higher campaign earnings. Greater funding brings more excitement to a campaign, allowing you to make a better product and make money with what you are passionate about. The vast majority of our effort is focused around bringing your crowd on day 1.

Our Crowdfunding Services

If you know what you want, great! However, many Kickstarter creators appreciate advice. We understand that, and are willing to help you make good choices. As you can see from our many reviews online, you can trust us to be open and honest with you.

Ad Consulting (We build, you manage)!

One-time fee


Facebook Ad Management

Starting at


per month

Funnel Creation & Optimization

One-time fee


Website Design & Landing Pages

Whether you need a new company website or a simple landing page for your first Kickstarter project, we have options for you! Design, tracking, email system integration, WordPress, & more from $499!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the best way to get targeted traffic to convert. We build e-mail lists and spark amazing day 1 backer results with PPC ads on Facebook. We build audiences, ads, a/b test, and much more!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the heart of how you will keep your potential backers engaged. We create newsletter templates, email automations, and mobilize your backers for your day 1 launch event!

Consulting & Strategic Planning

If you want help with a project, but aren’t ready to begin paying for stuff yet, it helps to consult with us and plan ahead. This service is free, and will help you prepare for when to engage our services!


Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to someone.

We’re here to help.

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We offer the following Kickstarter Marketing services. You can mix and match according to your needs, or look at our package recommendations if you’re looking for ideas:

Pre-Campaign Launch

  • Website Landing Pages (with KS signup forms)
  • E-mail Marketing (to engage backers)
  • Facebook Ad Management (to gather e-mails for a great day 1 launch)
  • Consulting (on Kickstarter page design, proofreading & copy editing, campaign planning, & more)

During the Campaign

  • List Building & Audience Optimization (for those that manage their own ads)
  • Facebook Ads (to get more backers)
  • E-mail Marketing (to mobilize your list during your campaign when it counts)
  • Consulting (on Kickstarter Updates, proofreading & copy editing updates, & more)

Post-Campaign Sales

  • Facebook Ads (to drive sales on your website, pledge manager, or Amazon)
  • Amazon Ads (to drive sales for your Amazon products)
  • Strategic Planning (If you’re looking for help planning your next moves as a company)
  • Consulting (Includes oversight or review of other vendors’ recommendations and work)

What do Kickstarter Marketing Services cost?

In general, our Kickstarter marketing services begin at $499 for a full month’s Facebook ad management, a landing page design, or an e-mail system development (newsletter 1 + a welcome e-mail automation).

We offer our services a-la-carte, because creators often have the drive or expertise to work on some elements of their campaign as well. We feel our skillset is best used where it is needed, and do not try to push a Kickstarter creator into any specific service unless we believe it is in the best interest of the campaign.

Lastly, we do not require (or recommend) lengthy contract commitments to Kickstarter creators (or for any of our services, for that matter). Our payment request is that each month’s service fee is paid up-front, and our commitment to you is to do our best for you. Once you see the quality of our service and the results, you have the opportunity to continue without the frustration of pre-paying for a months-long contract. Many of our clients appreciate that we put our commitment to achieving results for them ahead of receiving a bigger up-front down-payment. We believe that our communication and results speak for themselves, which is why our clients choose to continue working us month after month and come back for their next projects.

An example of our post-Kickstarter results for The Isofarian Guard, a KS campaign we marketed in 2019.

Popular: Pre-Launch Campaign Package

Each element of this plan is meant to give your campaign its best chance to quickly fund. The earnings trajectory of a campaign that funds fast is exponentially greater than that same product funding slowly, which is why we consider the pre-launch Kickstarter marketing to be the most important factor in a Kickstarter Campaign (other than a great campaign page). The final plan depends on how much time we have to launch. We recommend starting at least 2 months ahead of your launch date, and we require at least 2 weeks prior to your launch date so that we can do a good job for you.

Funnel Development & Conversion Optimization (to capture e-mail subscribers)

2 Months Facebook Ads (to drive the right traffic to subscribe to your e-mail list)

Starting Investment


Investment month 1


(Does not include ad spend)

Investment month 2


(Does not include ad spend)

Typical Results with $20/day ad spend:

400-800 e-mails with a 10-15% backer conversion rate on day 1!

Warning: Is Your Project A Good Fit For Us?

Real talk: We have turned many projects down for a few common reasons. It’s not like we’re looking to pad our numbers or anything, but we do consider several aspects when reviewing each project before taking on a new client.

Here are a few really important elements of a good client fit for us:

Appropriate Content

If your project’s content is overtly political, sexualized, or highly sacrilegious, it is not a fit for our company.

A Near-Finished Product

If you have a great product, we can be passionate about helping you show it to the world through Kickstarter! It is important that you have beautiful art to show and a well-tested, fun game.

A Plan Of Action

While we don’t expect you to know it all, we want to be sure you have researched this undertaking. We can help you with your plan, but the vision starts with you.

An Appropriate Budget

We are not going to allow you to spend money that doesn’t return your investment. While we do offer services for as low as $499, it is often more of a commitment to get the results you are seeking.

A Business Mindset

Some creators do not understand that this is a business venture. The worst thing we could do is force a business on your life if you aren’t prepared to operate it!

Recent Kickstarter Results

Project Name: Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost

Company: Sky Kingdom Games

$ Raised: $300,861

# Of Backers: 3,542

% Of Goal: 449%

Project Name: Deliverance: The Game of Spiritual Warfare

Company: Lowen Games

$ Raised: $314,374

# Of Backers: 2,717

% Of Goal: 806%

Project Name: Distilled

Company: Paverson Games

$ Raised: $549,573

# Of Backers: 8,060

% Of Goal: 3.053%

Project Name: The Isofarian Guard

Company: Sky Kingdom Games

$ Raised: $260,938

# Of Backers: 3,934

% Of Goal: 435%

Project Name: Grendha: Search For Lost Triumphs

Company: Doptale Interactive

$ Raised: $52,165

# Of Backers: 504

% Of Goal: 130%

Project Name: A Christmas Carol 5e Adventure

Company: Verge Games

$ Raised: $26,687

# Of Backers: 708

% Of Goal: 429%

The only thing we love more than marketing tabletop games on Kickstarter is designing and playing them.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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