June 9, 2021

Interviewing Nigel Matthews of ShipQuest

Episode: 26

On this week’s episode, Nigel Matthews of ShipQuest joins the nerds to cover the importance of shipping and fulfillment partners for your upcoming Kickstarter project!

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00:01:34 – Selecting A Company Name
00:03:10 – How Long Has ShipQuest Been In Business?
00:07:53 – Kickstarter Is A Graveyard of Failed Projects
00:10:58 – ShipQuest Vs GamesQuest Vs TradeQuest?
00:16:31 – What Is Board Game Fulfilment?
00:23:49 – How Has Brexit Impacted Shipping?
00:29:17 – Why You Need To Ship To Europe
00:33:59 – Top 3 Things You Need To Do When Thinking About Shipping Your Kickstarter
00:42:16 – Why Did ShipQuest Partner With Next Level Web?

Show Notes

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