November 30, 2021

How To Run A Successful Tabletop Business With Chris Birch Of Modiphius Entertainment

Episode: 50

Chris Birch, co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment, joins the Crowdfunding Nerds to discuss the business of tabletop crowdfunding, licensing, and distribution.

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00:01:40 – How To Transition From Hobby To Business?
00:08:55 – Dealing With Business Success
00:19:55 – How To Get Into Licencing Intellectual Properties
00:27:41 – How To Develop Tabletop Games For Large IPs
00:31:52 – Survey Your Community / Customers
00:35:34 – Have Realistic Goals For Crowdfunding
00:39:09 – Think About Retail When Planning Your Crowdfunding Project
00:45:34 – Getting Into Distribution
00:49:19 – The Biggest Challenge In Marketing Skyrim The Adventure Game


Skyrim on Gamefound –

Thunderbirds Board Game – – –

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