November 23, 2021

Gamefound: Behind The Scenes With CEO Marcin Świerkot

Episode: 49

The Crowdfunding Nerds are joined by Marcin Świerkot, CEO of Gamefound, to get a behind the scenes look into their plans for the future within the board gaming and tabletop space.

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00:01:19 – How Did Gamefound Come About?
00:07:22 – Gamefound Community Groups & Social Badges?
00:10:53 – Gamefound’s Early Bird Features
00:13:31 – Gamefound & The Facebook Pixel
00:15:35 – What Is Responsible For Kickstarter’s Traffic?
00:20:17 – To Succeed With Crowdfunding You Can’t Be Average Any More
00:21:05 – Gamefound Affiliate Links For Board Game Reviewers
00:27:00 – Gamefound & iOS 14
00:29:14 – Facebook Ads Scaling Issues
00:33:05 – Marcin Świerkot’s Conspiracy Theory

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Awaken Realms –
Biggercake –
Google Header Bid Lawsuit – 

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