June 24, 2021

How Deliverance Raised $39,000 On Kickstarter in 8 Minutes

Episode: 28

Andrew has been developing Deliverance for 5 years and has finally launched on Kickstater! Having raised $39,000 in 8 minutes he explains how he got to this point.

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00:01:46 – How Are You Feeling?
00:04:33 – How Did You Come Up With A Funding Goal?
00:07:41 – How Long Did It Take You Get Get Prepared For Kickstarter?
00:11:12 – What Was The Open Rate Of Your Live Kickstarter Email?
00:16:11 – How Has Your Family Reacted To Your Kickstarter?
00:19:35 – How Did You Launch?
00:25:36 – What Didn’t Go Right?
00:28:28 – Don’t Feed The Trolls
00:32:04 – Define Your Target Audience
00:38:53 – Using Kicktraq
00:41:47 – What Has Moved The Needle The Most?

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