January 19, 2021

Marketing With Gabe Barrett Of The Board Game Design Lab

Episode: 06

The Crowdfunding Nerds are joined by Gabe Barrett of the Board Game Design Lab this week. They discuss email lead generation through cold calling, how to engage a Facebook group community, and more!

Marketing With Gabe Barrett Of The Board Game Design Lab

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Episode 6
00:01:40 – How Did Gabe Barrett Get Into Game Design?
00:03:14 – Who Is Gabe Barrett?
00:04:22 – Best Board Game Design Lab Episode
00:05:50 – Email Cold Calling (Pitching) 
00:14:00 – What Gabe Barrett Likes To See When People Email Him 
00:17:59 – A Podcast Topic Gabe Barrett Hates 
00:21:12 – Game Design Coaching 
00:22:32 – Gabe Barrett’s Business Plan
00:25:42 – What Gabe Barrett Would Do If Starting From The Beginning Again
00:27:04 – The Board Game Design Lab Website
00:30:50 – Common Board Game Design Issues For First Time Developers 
00:35:00 – Social Media Marketing Tips
00:36:26 – How Gabe Barrett Got Into Publishing Board Games  
00:39:00 – How Gabe Barrett Got Into Coaching 
00:39:50 – How To Get People Excited About Your Board Game
00:42:20 – Facebook Group Advice
00:44:16 – Gabe Barrett’s Strengths 
00:45:40 – Advice To Aim Lower 

Show Notes

Board Game Design Lab – https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/
Barrett Publishing – https://barrettpublishing.com/
Jamey Stegmaier On The Board Game Design Lab Podcast – https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/what-you-wish-you-would-have-known/
Riot Games Origins Story With Marc Merrill – https://youtu.be/5OsFytuMmk8
Jamey Stegmaier KS Lessons – https://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/full-list-chronological/
James Mathe Kickstarter Advice – http://www.jamesmathe.com/category/kickstarter/

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