June 30, 2021

5 Profitable Things You Can Do During Your Kickstarter Mid-Campaign Slump

Episode: 29

Andrew had the privilege of writing an article for Jamey Stegmaier on how to boost the number of pledges during your mid-campaign slump on Kickstarter. The nerds go into further details.

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00:03:32 – Does Success Build Upon Itself?
00:06:23 – Focus On People Who Advocate For You
00:12:23 – What Has Produced The Most Results So Far?
00:16:44 – How To Select Review Quotes For Your Kickstarter Page
00:19:18 – Send Emails To Your List
00:24:07 – Create A Premium Pledge Level
00:28:13 – Why You Need A $1 Pledge On Your Kickstarter Page
00:31:55 – Tips On Influencer Marketing
00:44:01 – What To Do If You Are Losing Backers

Show Notes
10 Actionable Ideas to Boost Your Kickstarter Funding Mid-Campaign – https://stonemaiergames.com/10-actionable-ideas-to-boost-your-kickstarter-funding-mid-campaign/

Marketing With Gabe Barrett Of The Board Game Design Lab – https://crowdfundingnerds.com/episode6/3:03

Deliverance: The Game of Spiritual Warfare – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lowenhigh/deliverance-board-game/

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