January 11, 2022

Opportunity Cost – Fact Or Fiction?

Episode: 56

The Crowdfunding Nerds take about opportunity cost, is it something your need to consider or is it a … myth!

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00:01:05 – Opportunity Costs Are Rigged?
00:04:15 – The Crowdfunding Nerds Podcast Opportunity Cost
00:12:13 – Opportunity Costs Of Your Backers
00:13:10 – Opportunity Cost With Crowdfunding Platforms
00:18:05 – Advertising Budget Opportunity Cost
00:23:53 – The Opportunity To Develop A Community
00:36:51 – Is Rick Convinced?

Game On Tabletop Crowdfunding – https://www.gameontabletop.com/crowdfunding.php
Gamefound – https://gamefound.com/
Gamecrafter Crowdfunding – https://help.thegamecrafter.com/article/114-crowd-funding
Crowdfunding Nerds Community – https://www.facebook.com/groups/crowdfundingnerds

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