March 22, 2022

Questions To Ask Marketing Agencies Before Going To Kickstarter

Episode: 66

The Crowdfunding Nerds talk about the questions you need to be thinking about before going to Kickstarter and hiring a marketing agency to help you achieve your goals.

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00:02:01 – The Importance Of Being Prepared To Talk To Marketing Agencies
00:05:55 – What Is A KPI?
00:06:17 – How To Know If Your Marketing Is Effective?
00:13:56 – Benchmarks Vs KPIs
00:15:12 – Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
00:17:52 – Crowdfunding Is Not Like Traditional Ecommerce
00:25:21 – What Is The Process / Funnel?
00:29:24 – If An Agency Does Not Qualify You – RUN!
00:36:19 – Fees / How Do I Pay For Ads?
00:46:49 – Diversify Your Audience Reach


From Client to Employee – Ryan and His Kickstarter Journey

The Virtuous Cycle Of Kickstarter Marketing –

Ponzinomics Book –

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