September 22, 2021

Marketing A Video Game Through Kickstarter With Ryan Wiancko of Fractured Veil – Part 1

Episode: 40

Ryan Wiancko of Paddle Creek Games (Also Iron Belly Studios) joins the Crowdfunding Nerds to discuss the Kickstarter pre-marketing for Fractured Veil, a massive-multiplayer online survival video game.

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00:02:42 – What is Fractured Veil?
00:07:11 – Marketing To Yourself 
00:09:37 – Starting A Company Is A Grind
00:10:31 – Find What Motivates You
00:15:4 – Most Game-Changing Thing Ryan Learnt From The Podcast
00:22:26 – You Need A Community-Driven Project
00:25:24 – What Made You Hire Next Level Web For Marketing?
00:34:24 – Marry The Imagery of Ads & Landing Pages
00:37:44 – Facebook Form Ads Vs Lead Ads

Fractured Veil –
Get Lamp Documentary –
Iron Belly Studios –
Joe Girard’s 13 Essential Rules of Selling –
ThriveSuite –

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