August 3, 2021

Major Kickstarter Mistakes You Need To Learn From

Episode: 34

On this weeks episode the Crowdfunding Nerds go over some real life blunders Kickstarter hopefuls have fallen prey to.

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00:01:36 – Be Careful Launching Massive Miniatures!
00:06:18 – Kickstarter Is Getting More Strict With Project Approvals
00:12:43 – Dangers Of Not Incorporating As A Business
00:19:31 – Slow Down & Communicate Clearly
00:23:52 – Get Your Numbers Right
00:26:07 – How Many Manufacturing Quotes Do You Need?
00:32:54 – You Need Shipping Estimates
00:35:32 – You Need A Back-Up Plan
00:39:08 – Scale With Results
00:40:53 – Failing To Communicate With Fans


4.5 Outcomes You Need To Consider Before Going To Kickstarter –

Jamy Stegmaiers’ KS Lessons –

Board Game Design Lab –

James Mathe Game Manufacturers List –

LongPack Games –

Quartermaster Logistics –

ShipQuest –

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