August 10, 2021

The Tabletop Games That Don’t Do Well On Kickstarter

Episode: 35

The Crowdfunding Nerds dive into the types of games that generally don’t do well on Kickstarter. They also explore the importance of building a brand and nurturing a community around our game.

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00:01:16 – Game That Don’t Need Any Effort To Get Funded
00:07:45 – What Does Not Funding On Kickstarter Mean?
00:09:15 – Examples Of Games With Clear Target Markets 
00:15:02 – Types Of Games That Generally Don’t Do Well On Kickstarter 
00:26:06 – Example Of A Big IP Doing Poorly On Kickstarter
00:26:32 – Impact Of Influencers And Community On Game Development 
00:36:42 – Treat Your Game Like A Band
00:40:45 – Don’t Use Game Mechanics As The Selling Point
00:43:15 – Alternatives To Kickstarter
00:44:09 – When Games Should Do Well On Kickstarter But Don’t 


Steve Jackson on Game Design –

A Christmas Carol Adventure –

BIRDIE! The Disc Golf Board Game –

Distilled: A Spirited Strategy Game –

GameVaults: World of Warcraft® Edition –

Blizzard HATES Asmongold!? OG WoW Lead Dev Fires Back after Leak –

Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent –

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