March 15, 2022

Listen To This Podcast Before Launching On Kickstarter

Episode: 65

The Crowdfunding Nerds discuss the ultimate checklist of things to do and not do before launching your game on Kickstarter.

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00:02:30 – Do Not Add Shipping In Your Pledge
00:16:51 – Know Your Numbers
00:19:41 – Things That Can’t Be Changed About Your Project When Live
00:27:08 – Make Sure To Send Out Your “Now Live On Kickstarter” Email
00:35:57 – Tips For Designing Your Kickstarter Page
00:44:49 – The Most Funded Kickstarter Of All Time – Brian Sanderson
00:48:40 – Risks & Rewards Section


Frosthaven MSRP update –

The Bad Karmas and The Curse of the Zodiac –

Bloodstone (Canceled) –

The Tabletop Find-It Book –

Zombicide: Undead or Alive –

Gloomhaven (Second Printing) –

Sword & Sorcery – Ancient Chronicles –

Chronicles of Crime – The Millennium Series –

Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread –

Surprise! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson –

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