July 19, 2021

Interviewing Ant Lab Games: Part 2 – Dealing With Community Toxicity

Episode: 32

Anthony and Frances of Ant Lab Games join the Crowdfunding Nerds in part 2 to discuss dealing with community and social media toxicity as a board game publisher.

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00:01:32 – YouTube Views Don’t Necessarily Show An Engaged Community
00:04:35 – How To Quantify Value From Content Creators
00:07:49 – Find Content Creators Who Know Their Audience
00:13:13 – How To Deal With Community Toxicity
00:24:13 – Understanding monetized Controversy
00:24:53 – Community Toxicity Has Little Impact On Sales
00:30:39 – How To Deal With Community Criticism
00:34:32 – Be Careful Deleting Posts
00:43:37 – Why Content Creators Are Very Careful When Describing Your Kickstarter Board Game

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