March 8, 2022

Listen To Joe Slack Before Launching Your Second Kickstarter

Episode: 64

The Crowdfunding Nerds continue their discussion with Joe Slack on how to transition from your a successful Kickstarter campaign to another project.

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00:00:54 – Being The Face Of Your Company?
00:07:55 – The Game Design Course
00:12:36 – How To Leverage Past Campaigns For Current Launch
00:16:35 – How To Launch An Expansion To Your First Game
00:22:35 – How To Get The ‘Project We Love’ badge on Kickstarter
00:28:31 – We Launching An Expansion Did You Have Existing Copies Of The Base Game?
00:29:46 – Keeping Email Lists Separated
00:34:29 – Questions To Ask Fans After A Successful Campaign
00:47:00 – Final Thoughts


Joe Slack’s Board Game Design Course –

Interviewing A Sales Master: Dan Boe – Part 1/2 –

Anya Combs: Director of Games Kickstarter –

Coffeezilla Influencer Scams –

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