February 24, 2021

How To Market Your Kickstarter With Little To No Money

Episode: 11

Have you ever wondered how to market your boardgame if you have an extremely limited marketing budget? Well, Andrew, SEO Wizard Rick and Sexy Irish Sean give you some top tips to help you on your crowdfunding journey! They discuss some of the worst marketing advice they have ever received and explain how to do self-promotion in Facebook groups.


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00:02:50 – How To Market Your Kickstarter With Little To No Money
00:04:30 – Marketing Advice From Andrew’s Mom
00:06:50 – Time Or Money
00:07:40 – How Long Does It Take To Build A Following?
00:10:30 – The Worst Marketing Advice Andrew Has Received
00:13:54 – The Worst Marketing Advice Rick Has Received
00:20:15 – Where People Go Wrong When They Don’t Hire Expert Marketers 
00:23:30 – The Worst Marketing Advice Sean Has Received
00:24:13 – You Need A Facebook Group About Your Kickstarter
00:26:00 – How To Know If You Are Spamming People
00:28:30 – How To Do Organic Kickstarter Marketing In Facebook Groups
00:31:30 – Optimize Your Personal Facebook Profile
00:34:26 – How To Find The Right Facebook Groups To Do Self-Promotion 
00:41:15 – Boosting Posts?
00:41:50 – Use Mailchimp For Free Email Marketing 
00:43:15 – Landing Page Options
00:47:22 – The Summary

Dice Tower – https://www.dicetower.com/
Quackalope – https://quackalope.com/
Mailchimp Email Marketing – https://mailchimp.com/
Wix – https://www.wix.com/
Weebly – https://www.weebly.com/?lang=en
Bandzoogle – https://bandzoogle.com/

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