December 14, 2021

2022 Crowdfunding Predictions & Forecasts For Tabletop Marketing

Episode: 52

The crowdfunding nerds wrap up a year of podcast with their predictions & forecasts for 2022. Who will be right? Will they all be wrong? Time will tell…

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00:01:45 – Prediction Vs Forecasting
00:09:38 – SEO Wizard Rick’s Predictions for 2022
00:15:49 – Andrew’s Prediction For 2022
00:19:47 – Richards Fiscal Cliff Song
00:21:00 – South Africa’s Economic Hardships
00:26:29 – Richard’s Girlfriend Is A Snoop
00:27:25 – Buy Now Pay Later
00:32:51 – Andrew’s Final Prediction About Distributors
00:35:02 – Sean’s Suspicion of 2022 Manufacturing
00:37:43 – German Manufacturing?


Times Magazine On China –,33009,165453,00.html 

Ludo Fact Manufacturing –

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