December 8, 2021

The Crowdfunding Nerds Facebook Community Is Now A Thing And You Need To Join It Like Right Now

Episode: 51

The Crowdfunding Nerds answer some questions from the Crowdfunding Nerds Facebook Group that you now need to be in if you are a regular listener; otherwise, you will be labeled a loser.

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00:01:31 – Facebook Support Is Meh 
00:06:45 – Crowdfunding Nerds Facebook Community 
00:07:41 – Have Multiple Admins In Your Facebook Group 
00:10:00 – The Group Rules 
00:13:24 – Answer Automated Questions 
00:15:22 – Why We Created The Facebook Community 
00:16:58 – Community Question About Gamefound 
00:25:29 – Gamefound For Marketing Not Crowdfunding 
00:32:17 – How Do You Even Start Calculating International Shipping? 
00:37:03 – Personal Goals For The Rest of 2021


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