June 2, 2021

Building Hype With Emails For Kickstarter

Episode: 25

The nerds discuss how to optimise your emails for Gamil, segment your leads by open rate and craft emails that engage your community for Kickstarter!

Building Hype With Emails For Kickstarter

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00:03:47 – Make Emails A Priority
00:04:55 – Deliverance Kickstarter Case Study
00:06:26 – Using Backerkit For Your Kickstarter
00:14:51 – The Advantage of The Kickstarter Notify Me Page
00:26:40 – The Makeup of An Engaging Email
00:28:41 – How To Optimize Emails For Gmail
00:37:21 – Understand Your Email Audience To Engage Them
00:43:07 – Segmenting Your Email List By Open Rate
00:47:39 – How To Craft Subject Lines That Get Clicks

Show Notes
Deliverance Case Study – https://deliverancethegame.com/
Backerkit – https://www.backerkit.com/
Test The Spammyness of Your Emails – https://www.mail-tester.com/

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