May 12, 2021

The Honest Truth About Marketing Board Games on Kickstarter

Episode: 22

On this weeks episode of Crowdfunding Nerds Andrew, Sexy Irish Sean and SEO Wizard Rick go full Chaotic Evil/Lawful Good and tell you some honest truth about marketing board games on Kickstarter!


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00:00:00 – Episode Overview
00:06:52 – Messaging Every Day Will Not Make Marketers Work Harder
00:18:00 – Ad Supplement Your Organic Marketing And Don’t Replace It
00:22:08 – We Wish We Didn’t Have To Use Facebook, But We Do
00:32:06 – Sometimes The Market Is Not All That Excited About Your Game
00:41:00 – Don’t Pay People Who Come To You And Solicit Kickstarter Services

Show Notes

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