November 20, 2023

Cybersecurity Unmasked: Protecting Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Episode: 153

Ever wondered how to safeguard your crowdfunding campaign from cybersecurity threats?

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Ever wondered how to safeguard your crowdfunding campaign from cybersecurity threats? Curious about the tactics hackers use to target unsuspecting victims? In episode 153 of the Crowdfunding Nerds podcast, we dive headfirst into this digital minefield.

With Andrew away, Jacob (our Facebook ad guru) and Sean step in as the Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi of cybersecurity. We expose a real-world data breach and unravel the fear and urgency tactics used by cyber attackers. Learn how to fortify your defense with multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, and by changing those pesky default router passwords.

We also navigate the murky waters of zero-day attacks and malware-infected USB devices, stressing the necessity of software updates. Discover privacy-oriented tools like Librem laptops, VPNs, and DNS-based security tools, and the importance of end-to-end encryption with apps like SimpleX and Session.

Join us as we summarize key takeaways to protect your crowdfunding campaign and online presence from the relentless claws of hackers. So, ready to ride the cyber wave?

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Episode Breakdown:
00:01 Cybersecurity & Privacy Importance
00:43 Meet the Hosts
01:04 Privacy in Crowdfunding & Real-World Data Breach
04:02 Cybersecurity Threats & Hacker Tactics
15:13 Securing Your Router & Avoiding Social Engineering
23:40 Phishing Attacks & Effective Security Tools
27:57 Zero-Day Attacks, USB Killers, & Encrypted Apps
38:00 Recap: Safeguarding Your Campaign & Personal Data

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