March 24, 2021

Board Game Landing Pages 101: How To Build A Landing Page For Your Board Game

Episode: 15

Everything you need to know to build a landing page that intrigues, captures, and delights email leads for your upcoming board game launch!

board game landing page

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Episode 15

00:03:00 – Hosting Your Website
00:06:56 – WordPress Security 
00:08:22 – What Is A Landing Page?
00:14:26 – How Do You Track Your Conversion Rate?
00:18:15 – You Need A Email Marketing System
00:20:59 – You Need Art Or Images Of Your Game 
00:23:46 – The Three People You Need To Design Your Landing Page For
00:27:35 – Landing Page Tips
00:34:15 – What Goes In The Top, Middle & Bottom Of Your Landing Page?
00:42:00 – Board Game Landing Page Example 

Show Notes

Wordfence WordPress Security Plug-In:

Typography Tutorial:

Gutterfall: Bounties Landing Page Example:

Andrew’s Landing Page Guide On the BGDL:

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