March 1, 2022

How To Launch Your Second Kickstarter Project With Joe Slack

Episode: 63

Joe Slack joins the Crowdfunding Nerds to talk about transitioning from game to game on Kickstarter!

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00:01:30 – Joe Is A CFN Fan
00:02:19 – Who Is Joe Slack?
00:03:40 – What Projects Have You Been Involved In?
00:04:51 – Seek A Publisher Or Self-Publish?
00:08:37 – How Do You Know When You Are On Brand?
00:13:44 – When Should People Go Into Game Design Full Time?
 00:20:08 – Game Design Course?
00:28:08 – Playing The Shipping Game
00:34:36 – The Value Of Communicating With Backers
 00:36:04 – Example Of A Game That Transitioned Well


The Board Game Design Course –
The Board Game Design Virtual Summit 2020 –
Relics of Rajavihara and Montalo’s Revenge –
Smirk & Dagger/Laughter Games –
Chip Cole –
Cryptid Cafe –
The Board Game Designer’s Guide to Careers in the Industry –
Comic book burning –
4.5 Outcomes You Need To Consider Before Going To Kickstarter –

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