February 22, 2022

Interviewing A Sales Master: Dan Boe – Part 2/2

Episode: 62

The Crowdfunding Nerds continue their discussion with Dan Boe, the sales master!

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00:01:25 – The Psychology Of The Sale, How Customers Think
00:04:28 – 3 Sales Shortcuts
00:13:01 – Think For Your Customers
00:17:04 – Marketing Is Honesty
00:20:54 – Overcoming Buyer Objection By Getting To The Truth
00:25:26 – Dealing With Cancelled Pledges
00:32:03 – Leverage The Feeling of Missing Out
00:33:40 – Customers Always Compare Pricing
00:36:57 – Dealing With Failure In Sales
00:44:13 – Casinos Know How People Make Decisions
00:45:04 – Change Statements Into Questions
00:48:45 – The Importance of Authenticity

Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10321016-pitch-anything

The Tabletop Find-It Book – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oldmangames/the-tabletop-find-it-book

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