February 1, 2022

Instagram Marketing: How Kristen Made 7 Figures On Instagram Via Hairstyling!

Episode: 59

The Crowdfunding Nerds are joined by the least nerdy person they have ever had on the podcast to talk about leveling up your Instagram marketing!

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00:02:51 – How Kristen Got E-Famous On Instagram
00:05:41 – Launching Your First Online Course
00:10:41 – Do You Plan Your Instagram Posts?
00:14:43 – Do You Post Multiple Times A Day On Instagram?
00:16:34 – How To Repurpose Social Media Content
00:21:21 – How To Use Facebook Stories / Instagram Reels
00:25:26 – Using Organic Posts For Paid Advertising
00:26:29 – How To Get Started From Zero
00:29:30 – How Long Does It Take To Make Instagram Profitable?
00:32:37 – A Starting Point For Posting
00:35:17 – Are Hashtags Important?
00:39:01 – Too Many Hashtags?
00:42:09 – What About Tiktok?
00:45:25 – Business Or Personal Posts?
00:47:36 – Social Media Photography Tips

Kristen’s Website – https://www.kristenlumiere.com/
Kristen’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kristen.lumiere/

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