September 17, 2021

Diagnosing Problems With Your Facebook Ads

Episode: 39

Andrew and Sexy Irish Sean tie SEO Wizard Rick in the closet and explain how to figure out what’s wrong with your Facebook ads.

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00:01:28 – Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working?
00:04:35 – What Are Your Goals With Facebook Ads?
00:05:33 – Target & Lookalike Audiences 
00:11:12- Is The Product or Service The Problem? 
00:15:29 – Get Fresh Eyes
00:21:02 – If In Doubt, Create A New Campaign 
00:24:04 – Are You Spending Too Much Money? 
00:25:57 – Understanding Cost Per Impression (CPM)
00:29:29 – Tips For Great Ads
00:31:36- Separate Your Click Through Rate (CTR) & Link CTR 
00:32:25 – The Importance of Social Proof On Ads 
00:39:03 – The Solution To Poor Messaging In Ads
00:40:35 – Tips For Describing Your Product 


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