September 28, 2021

Marketing A Video Game Through Kickstarter With Ryan Wiancko of Fractured Veil – Part 2

Episode: 41

The Crowdfunding Nerds continue the discussion with Ryan Wiancko of Paddle Creek Games while covering the importance of community building, and live streaming in video game marketing.

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00:03:02 – What Advantages or Disadvantages Does Steam Have For Marketing Video Games?
00:09:42 – Understanding Email Unsubscribe Rates And Abuse Reports
00:17:56 – Navigating Video Game Kickstarter Stretch Goals
00:23:32 – Video Game Pre-Marketing Play Testing
00:32:09 – Developing A Video Game With eSports In Mind?
00:37:23 – Video Game Live Stream Tips
00:41:50 – It’s All About Community

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