November 2, 2021

Post-Kickstarter Discussion: Kickstarter Board Game Creator Launches Successful Kickstarter on Kickstarter – Part 2

Episode: 46

The Crowdfunding Nerds continue their discussion with Eric Geller of Quest & Cannons in Part 2 where pledge managers are covered!

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00:00:49 – What Brought Traffic To Notify Me On Launch Page?
00:01:50 – Did You Pay For Reviewers?
00:05:02 – Engaging Board Game Reviewer Communities
00:09:24 – Lessons Learned From Backerkit ROAS
00:14:47 – Pokemon Red & Blue FTW
00:19:32 – Building Your Brand
00:20:39 – Eric’s Thoughts On Backerkit
00:22:44 – What Are Backerkit Surveys?
00:27:18 – Using A Pledge Manager To Future Proof Shipping Costs

Backerkit –
Quakalope –

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