May 26, 2021

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Kickstarter Shipping

Episode: 24

Organising Shipping for your Kickstarter can be a headache! The Crowdfunding Nerds seek to bring some clarity among the chaos with practical tips and tricks to help organise shipping and fulfilment for your next Kickstarter board game project!

kickstarter shipping

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00:01:54 – Board Game Case Study Update
00:08:52 – Shipping stuff
00:10:08 – Fulfilment By Amazon?
00:12:01 – Your Kickstarter Needs Regent Friendly Shipping
00:13:25 – Costs For Warehouse Storage
00:15:54 – Working Out Shipping Costs
00:25:01 – Always Charge Shipping With A Pledge Manager
00:26:53 – What To Do If A Backer Refuses To Pay For Shipping
00:32:35 – Stretch Goals & Shipping

Show Notes

ShipQuest –

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