March 30, 2021

Work-Life Balance For Kickstarter Board Games With Chip Cole

Episode: 16

Chip Cole is a freelance board game illustrator and founder of Squatchy Games. Chip has nine children and recently has a very successful Kickstarter Board Game Campaign. He shares his experience of balancing work and family amidst a Kickstarter campaign.

chip cole episode 16

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Episode 16
00:01:10 – Episode Overview
00:02:00 – Board Game Design Lab + Board Game Marketing Course 
00:03:45 – Star Citizen Raises More Money / Class Action Lawsuit 
00:06:25 – Chip Cole On Work-Life Balance
00:07:20 – Who Is Chip Cole And What Is Squatchy Games? 
00:10:09 – Family Playtesters? 
00:11:05 – It’s Ok To Fail On Kickstarter
00:13:17 – Setting Work Boundaries With Your Spouse
00:16:40 – How Do You Balance Freelance With Game Development? 
00:18:55 – Do You Schedule Family Time?
00:20:30 – Did You Have Any Work-Life Balance Issues During Your Kickstarter?
00:23:40 – Setting Expectations For Backers 
00:31:50 – What Was The Development Timeline For Cryptid Cafe?
00:35:20 – How Do You Switch Off?
00:36:00 – Strategies For Family / Work Balance? 
00:37:30 – Pre-Kickstarter Marketing Advice 

Show Notes
Damnation: The Gothic Game –
Star Citizen –
Squatchy Games –
Cryptid Cafe On Kickstarter –
Wildermiss – Chip’s Daughter’s Band –

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