January 5, 2021

Gamefound Vs Kickstarter

Episode: 04

In episode 4 of Crowdfunding Nerds, Andrew, Rick and Sexy Irish Sean compare the new crowdfunding site, Gamefound, with Kickstarter. They also discuss manufactured urgency vs. legitimate urgency with regards to crowdfunding.

gamefound vs kickstarter

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Episode 4
00:03:14 – Episode Overview
00:03:43 – What is Manufactured Urgency?
00:07:50 – What is Legitimate Urgency?
00:15:40 – Positive Use of Early Bird Implementation
00:20:18 – What is Gamefound?
00:21:21 – Pledge Manager Vs A Store
00:23:19 – How Easy Is It To Integrate A Pledge Manager?
00:26:25 – Unique Features Of Gamefound
00:31:22 – What’s Next For Gamefound?
00:32:12 – Gamefound Affiliate Marketing
00:35:06 – Rick’s Master Plan For Gamefound
00:36:27 – Gamefound Vulnerabilities
00:39:30 – Will Andrew Use Gamefound For His Boardgame?
00:40:49 – Things We Like About Gamefound

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