February 12, 2024

Energy & Nutrition For Crowdfunding Success With Julie Litchfield

Episode: 165

Are you ready to supercharge your energy levels and make better decisions in your crowdfunding ventures?

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Are you ready to supercharge your energy levels and make better decisions in your crowdfunding ventures? Do you wonder how small habits can lead to big wins in both health and business? Tune in to episode 165 of Crowdfunding Nerds where your host Andrew and co-host Sean, along with nutrition coach Julie Litchfield from AdvoCare, unpack the secrets to a vibrant lifestyle that fuels success!

Julie, with her roots deep in farming and nutrition, shares the importance of knowing what fuels your body and how to keep learning about the foods we eat. We’ll explore why making your bed could be the first step to a productive day, and how acknowledging our weaknesses can actually strengthen our leadership.

But wait, there’s more! Ever caught yourself procrastinating and wondered if your brain is just on a creative break? Andrew gets personal about his own struggles and we dive into how our subconscious works wonders.

From canning food to the individuality of nutrition, and the scoop on water intake to the real deal on intermittent fasting, this episode is packed with actionable insights. And yes, we even talk about navigating the fast-food menu healthily!

Don’t miss out on Julie’s wisdom on dieting without the mental battles and how to indulge sensibly. For all this plus Julie’s relaxation secrets and how to get her personalized coaching, plug in to episode 165 and let’s get energized!
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