March 2, 2021

A First-Hand Organic Kickstarter Pre-Marketing Case Study

Episode: 12

On this episode of Crowdfunding Nerds Andrew describes everything that he discovered about board game marketing when creating his board game Deliverance!

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Episode 12
00:01:00 – Amazon’s Build It
00:03:54 – Big Tech Vs Australia
00:05:42 – The Blogs You Must Read Before Going To Kickstarter
00:12:25 – What Was The First Thing You Did Online To Promote Deliverance?
00:16:20 – Organic Marketing Tips
00:19:05 – What Did You Learn About Prototypes When Making Deliverance?
00:24:32 – How Does Extensive Playtesting Impact Marketing?
00:27:40 – What Would You Do If You Started At The Beginning Again?
00:31:40 – How To Do Email Marketing If You Don’t Have Much To Share
00:37:40 – How Did You Measure Success In Organic Marketing?Amazon’s Build It Crowdfunding

Show Notes

Start-up –
Changes to Sharing and Viewing News on Facebook in Australia –
BGG Board Game Design Forum –
Jamey Stegmaier’ Kickstarter Articles –
Jamey’s Article About Us –
James Mathe’s Kickstarter Advice –
John Wrot’s Kickstarter Advice –
How To Create A Facebook Group For Your Board Game –
The Game Crafter’s Convention Sponsorships – 
Viticulture Board Game –

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