February 2, 2021

Sean’s Lessons Learned From 3 Months In Crowdfunding

Episode: 08

SEO Wizard Rick answers some Google Analytics questions while Sexy Irish Sean explains what he has learned since joining the Next Level Web team.


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Episode 8
00:01:11 – Sean’s SEO Question
00:02:38 – Google Analytics Alternatives
00:03:50 – Does Google Analytics Slow Your Website Down?
00:07:38 – Managing Kickstarter Expectations 
00:17:20 – Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
00:20:23 – How Long Do You Test Facebook Ads?
00:23:59 – When Do You Start Using Lookalike Audience Facebook Ads? 
00:24:07 – Can You Copy Ads Into Lookalike Sets? 
00:26:34 – How Do You Tweak Ads? 
00:31:17 – The Popularity Of Board Games
00:44:48 – The Importance Of A Landing Page & Automation

Show Notes

Next Level Web SEO – https://nextlevelweb.com/san-diego/search-engine-optimization/
Ahrefs – https://ahrefs.com/
Keyword Rank Checker –https://ahrefs.com/keyword-rank-checker
Next Level Web – https://nextlevelweb.com/kickstarter-marketing-services/
Cmon – https://www.cmon.com/
Mythic Games – https://mythicgames.net/
Roxley – https://roxley.com/
DIE in the Dungeon! – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fundamentalgames/die-in-the-dungeon
Tabletop Games Blow Away Old REcord On Kickstarter In 2020 – https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/47413/tabletop-games-blow-away-old-record-kickstarter-2020
Gamefound – https://gamefound.com/
Games Workshop – https://www.games-workshop.com/
Wizards Of The Coast – https://company.wizards.com/
Hasbro – https://products.hasbro.com/en-gb

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