November 25, 2020

Kickstarter Referral Metrics Deep Dive

Episode: 01

Andrew, Rick, and Sexy Irish Sean break down Kickstarter referral metrics and present a helpful ratio to understand your marketing efforts. Want to know when your board game is ready for Kickstarter? Listen out for all of our Crowdfunding Nerds tips that will help you line up your product for success!

Kickstarter Referral Metrics Deep Dive | Crowdfunding Nerds Ep. 1

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Show Notes

Episode 1
00:01:04 – Episode Overview
00:02:46 – Rock Manor Games Metrics Article
00:08:20 – Crowdfunding Nerds Metrics Article
00:10:21 – The Clients We Used In Our Study
00:11:30 – Our Conclusion On Kickstarter Referral Metrics
00:16:00 – How To Know You Are Ready For Kickstarter
00:20:50 – Our Thoughts On A Game’s Theme
00:26:44 – Quality Of Your Product
00:31:25 – Pledge Packages
00:33:56 – Why Kickstarter Is Unlike Other Crowdfunding Sites
00:38:00 – Final Crowdfunding Tips

Article: Kickstarter Referrals Explained: Metrics Of 4 Funded Tabletop Campaigns

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