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Crowdfunding Nerds is here to help you on your crowdfunding quest. We are digital marketing nerds and board gamers. Our partners raised over $2 million on Kickstarter in 2020 with our help, and more than 90% of our projects were funded on the first day.

Are Your Manufacturing Numbers Right For Kickstarter?

June 15, 2021

Episode: 27

The Crowdfunding Nerds are at it again with some great advice when it comes to the manufacturing and shipping of your Kickstarter project.

Interviewing Nigel Matthews of ShipQuest

June 9, 2021

Episode: 26

On this week’s episode, Nigel Matthews of ShipQuest joins the nerds to cover the importance of shipping and fulfillment partners for your upcoming Kickstarter project!

Building Hype With Emails For Kickstarter

Building Hype With Emails For Kickstarter

June 2, 2021

Episode: 25

The nerds discuss how to optimise your emails for Gamil, segment your leads by open rate and craft emails that engage your community for Kickstarter!

kickstarter shipping

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Kickstarter Shipping

May 26, 2021

Episode: 24

Organising Shipping for your Kickstarter can be a headache! The Crowdfunding Nerds seek to bring some clarity among the chaos with practical tips and tricks to help organise shipping and fulfilment for your next Kickstarter board game project!

23 cfn

What We Learned From A Facebook Ads Master And How It Relates To Kickstarter

May 18, 2021

Episode: 23

Andrew & Sexy Irish Sean get schooled by a Facebook Ads Master and share what they learned and how it relates to Kickstarter Board Games.