Crowdfunding Nerds Episodes

Crowdfunding Nerds is here to help you on your crowdfunding quest. We are digital marketing nerds and board gamers. Our partners raised over $2 million on Kickstarter in 2020 with our help, and more than 90% of our projects were funded on the first day.

Why Gamers Back Crowdfunding Campaigns

January 16, 2023

Episode: 109

The Crowdfunding Nerds discuss why gamers backed Deliverance on Kickstarter from a recent question and answer. You will be able to leverage these reasons for your own Kickstarter or Gamefound campaigns!

How To Write A Kickstarter Update

January 9, 2023

Episode: 108

Want to write a Kickstarter update for your board game but don’t know where to begin? Well the Crowdfunding Nerds give some needed tips on project updates.

How To Get Better At Marketing Your Game

January 3, 2023

Episode: 107

The Crowdfunding Nerds discuss several resources that will help you market your game!

Troubleshooting Your Mid-Campaign Slump With Galen McCown

December 27, 2022

Episode: 106

The Crowdfunding Nerds are joined by Galen McCown of Galen’s Games to talk about troubleshooting the mid-campaign slump of Super Snipers.

Listen to this Podcast Before Making Stretch Goals

December 19, 2022

Episode: 105

Andrew Lowen describes a mistake he made with stretch goals on the last day of his Kickstarter campaign. The Crowdfunding Nerds talk about obligations to delivering to backers, even when it hurts!