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Activating Your Fans: How To Do It Right

May 21, 2024

Episode: 179

Hey Crowdfunding enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive deep into the heart of crowdfunding with us?

How to Learn What Your Fans Want: A Deliverance Case Study

May 13, 2024

Episode: 178

In this episode, I’ll reveal the power of polling your fans and why your email list might just be your golden ticket.

Launching A Second Campaign & Processing Feedback

May 7, 2024

Episode: 177

Wondering how to smash your second crowdfunding campaign? Jack spills the beans on the lessons he learned from his first Kickstarter triumph with New Kingdom Gardeners.

Handling Criticism, Fame, and Success

April 30, 2024

Episode: 176

Hey there, fellow nerds! Are you ready to dive into the emotional rollercoaster of game creation?

6 Misconceptions About Crowdfunding

April 22, 2024

Episode: 175

Hey there, game enthusiasts and crowdfund wizards! Are you ready to debunk some myths and level up your crowdfunding knowledge?


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