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8 Business Ideas You Need To Know For Your Kickstarter

April 20, 2021

Episode: 19

While cleaning his office Sexy Irish Sean finds an old notebook with some business advice that you need to know about before going to Kickstarter!

Hygiene Factors Of Your Kickstarter Campaign

April 14, 2021

Episode: 18

In this episode, the nerds talk about the Hygiene Factors of your Kickstarter campaign. These are things you need to think about and have answers for before launching!

Organically Engage A Facebook Community With Your Board Game

April 6, 2021

Episode: 17

The Crowdfunding Nerds interview Thomas Covert and admin of The Board Game Revolution Community Facebook Group. Tom shares tips on how to engage a Facebook community naturally with your board game. The effectiveness of giveaways is also explored!

chip cole episode 16

Work-Life Balance For Kickstarter Board Games With Chip Cole

March 30, 2021

Episode: 16

Chip Cole is a freelance board game illustrator and founder of Squatchy Games. Chip has nine children and recently has a very successful Kickstarter Board Game Campaign. He shares his experience of balancing work and family amidst a Kickstarter campaign.

board game landing page

Board Game Landing Pages 101: How To Build A Landing Page For Your Board Game

March 24, 2021

Episode: 15

Everything you need to know to build a landing page that intrigues, captures, and delights email leads for your upcoming board game launch!


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