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Hey Crowdfunding enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive deep into the heart of crowdfunding with us?
In this episode, I’ll reveal the power of polling your fans and why your email list might just be your golden ticket.
Wondering how to smash your second crowdfunding campaign? Jack spills the beans on the lessons he learned from his first Kickstarter triumph with New Kingdom Gardeners.
Hey there, fellow nerds! Are you ready to dive into the emotional rollercoaster of game creation?
Hey there, game enthusiasts and crowdfund wizards! Are you ready to debunk some myths and level up your crowdfunding knowledge?
Are you ready to unlock the secrets behind crafting a campaign that not only meets but shatters its goals? Are Kickstarter stretch goals the smart way to go?
Don’t miss out on these insider tips and strategies to future-proof your company and skyrocket those profit margins. Tune in to “Crowdfunding Nerds” Episode 173 – your game’s success story starts here!
Are you ready to dive into the world of board game creation with a sprinkle of deception and a dash of strategy?
Tune in to episode 171 of the Crowdfunding Nerds podcast, where your favorite hosts, Andrew and Sean, take you behind the scenes of the Deliverance expansion and reprint strategy.
Galactic Cruise
Reaching over 13,000 Kickstarter project followers before launching Galactic Cruise as first time creators is no easy task…
Join us for this cosmic conversation and learn how to keep your campaign cruising smoothly towards success.
Hey, Crowdfunding Nerds! Ready for a deep dive into the gaming world?
Are you ready to crack the code on making your crowdfunding campaign a retailer’s dream?
Are you ready to dive deep into the art of running a business not just for the day-to-day but with a grand finale in mind?
Are you ready to level up your crowdfunding game? Welcome back, Nerd Nation, to episode 166 of Crowdfunding Nerds!

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