Stranger Things Fan? Here’s A Card Game You’ll Love

January 26, 2021

hunted wode ridege

Gabe Barrett, founder of the Board Game Design Lab, successfully launched the Hunted card game series in 2019 with Hunted: Kobayashi Tower, a solo dice rolling game inspired by action movies like Die Hard, and Hunted: Mining Colony 415; a solo dexterity game inspired by sci-fi horror films like Alien. Barrett has just announced his latest card game: Hunted: Wode Ridge

Being a fan of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, Gabe Barrett has included similar tropes in Hunted: Wode Ridge.

Game Story

Set in the small town of Wode Ridge, Colorado in the 1980s, a group of kids investigates the town’s folklore of supernatural phenomena.

Sightings of a strange creature in the woods have been rumored by locals and has led to a formal FBI investigation. 

Set on their bicycles, these kids are determined to uncover the truth behind the strange things happening in Wode Ridge. Little do they know there are sinister forces at work. Will they uncover the truth, or will they realize that they have bitten off more than they can chew?  


Hunted: Wode Ridge is a solo-adventure or two-player co-op adventure card game where you battle against a clock to defeat a terrifying creature. As you move through the town, you are tasked with uncovering evidence of a monster while avoiding parents and FBI agents. 

You will have to carefully manage your energy, health, and time through a series of turns as you pick up items and allies to help you on your investigation. Each turn, you will choose between three actions:

  1. Draw a Hunted card to continue your journey  
  2. Hide, which costs time but can help you avoid trouble
  3. Rest and regain strength but be left vulnerable 

Clues are added to your evidence board as you uncover them. Once all of these cards are connected, you’ll face the Boss Monster by rolling dice and playing specific cards to win the game!

Unique Qualities

A unique resource management system creates interesting choices as you have to decide between discarding a card for its resources or using it for its actions.

You will have to battle in and traverse two realities—normal life (pink cards) and the elusive “Other Side” (green cards). 

All cards in the deck are double-sided, meaning that players will often get pulled into the “Other Side” (flipping the deck), where everything is more dangerous.

Hunted: Wode Ridge includes an adventure book with over 100 possible outcomes. As you gain evidence, events in the book will trigger. Five of these events will activate in any given game, so there remains a wide range of player experiences to enjoy. 

To Kickstarter! 

Hunted: Wode Ridge will be launching on Kickstarter in February 2021. To follow the project and receive game updates, make sure to sign up for email notifications at 

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