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Crowdfunding Nerds Episodes

Kickstarter Stretch Goals: Smart or Sleazy?

April 15, 2024

Episode: 174

Are you ready to unlock the secrets behind crafting a campaign that not only meets but shatters its goals? Are Kickstarter stretch goals the smart way to go?

Direct Sales Strategy For Board Games

April 8, 2024

Episode: 173

Don’t miss out on these insider tips and strategies to future-proof your company and skyrocket those profit margins. Tune in to “Crowdfunding Nerds” Episode 173 – your game’s success story starts here!

How To Sell 45,000 Games Post Kickstarter

April 1, 2024

Episode: 172

Are you ready to dive into the world of board game creation with a sprinkle of deception and a dash of strategy?


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Latest Episodes

Episode: 174

Kickstarter Stretch Goals: Smart or Sleazy?

Episode: 173

Direct Sales Strategy For Board Games

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